Private Investigator in Birmingham

Professional Investigations in Birmingham, all areas covered.

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

Our private investigator in Birmingham has built an excellent reputation. This has been achieved by delivering a range of affordable private investigator and legal support services. This is either for personal or corporate cases.

Private investigator in Birmingham, providing services such as gathering evidence for divorce cases where adultery is suspected. Counter surveillance (in order to reduce the risk of industrial espionage).  This also includes process serving, to make sure your legal documents are served within the current service guidelines.
We can also complete Pre Sue Reports to help prepare for litigation. In many cases, these reports reduce the need for the case to go to court.
The private investigation industry is about to go through a massive change. This is due to the government preparing to introduce private investigator licencing. At Alpha 1 Legal Services we are ready for these changes. Each of the private investigators on our books has an extensive history of managing ethical investigations. This has been built on their experiences gained through working for either the Military, Security Services or Police Services.
In order to be the perfect private investigator in Birmingham, and all surrounding areas. There are a few things we need, to be able to complete your operations to the highest level of satisfaction:

For more comprehensive information about the services our private investigator in Birmingham provides, or our legal support services and how they can help you. Please contact us through our email address, phone number or the form below.
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