Abandoned Car Removal From Private Land

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Do you need an abandoned car removal from private land? If so, then you have arrived at the right place!

Together with our strategic partners, Frank G Whitworth (who are High Court Enforcement Officers (formerly Sheriffs Officers)), we will use our vast experience to profesionally provide you with an abandoned car removal service to remove the offending car/vehicle from your private property, with the minimum of fuss & stress to yourselves.

Who has the authority to authorise an abandoned car removal from private land?

The simple answer is – The Police & a Local Authority (however, we can complete this for you using the Torts Interference with Good Act 1977). Normally, an abandoned vehicle is classed as such, if at least one or more of the following apply to it:

What is the procedure for car removal from private land?

What happens after the Torts Notices are placed on the car/vehicles?

What happens if the car/vehicles are still on my property when the Torts Notice run out?

If you think that our abandoned car removal service is what you’re looking for, then please call us on 0208 106 5397, or, alternatively, email us on – [email protected]


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We have used Alpha 1 Legal Services on numerous occasions to remove abandoned cars from our land, they never disappoint!

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